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KnotTheory` can also draw knots and links via their Morse link presentations:

(For In[1] see Setup)

In[1]:= ?DrawMorseLink
DrawMorseLink[L] returns a drawing of the knot or link L as a "Morse Link". For diagrams with a large number of crossings, it may be helpful to use one or both of the options as in DrawMorseLink[L, Gap -> g, ArrowSize -> as ], with 0 < as, g < 1, where g controls the amount of white space at each crossing, and as controls the size of the orientation arrows.
In[2]:= DrawMorseLink::about
DrawMorseLink was written by Siddarth Sankaran at the University of Toronto in the summer of 2005.

For example, here is the 11-crossing alternating link L11a548:

In[4]:= Show[DrawMorseLink[Link[11, Alternating, 548]]]
Drawing MorseLink Presentations Out 3.gif
Out[4]= -Graphics-

There are two options available for this program. Adding the option Gap -> g, where g is between 0 and 1, changes the amount of white space in each crossing; increasing g increases the white space, making large diagrams more visible. The option ArrowSize -> as (where as is between 0 and 1) alters the size of the orientation arrows. Here is the same drawing as above, but this time the orientation arrows are gone and the crossings are more clear:

In[6]:= Show[DrawMorseLink[ Link[11, Alternating, 548], ArrowSize -> 0, Gap -> 0.65 ]]
Drawing MorseLink Presentations Out 5.gif
Out[6]= -Graphics-